Gong Fu Cha Teaware & Tools

Having the correct tools is essential in making a perfect cup of tea. The teapot and teacup are obvious tea making essentials, but there are many more important tools that can sometimes be overlooked. This blog will address and explain multiple tea tools for Gong Fu Cha brewing!


Teapots are a must have during the tea brewing process. The most popular clay pot is Zisha pot from Yixing City.  They assist in maintaining water’s heat and serve as a wonderful piece of decor. There are numerous types of teapots that can be used for different types of tea including those made of porcelain, clay, and cast iron. Glass teapots can be a great choice for those who want to enjoy the full visual experience of the tea-making process as they allow you to see the tea. Clay pots, on the other hand, absorb the flavor and aroma of the teas that are infused in them. This is due to their porous nature.

Tea Scoop

The tea scoop, also known as “cha ze” in Chinese, is used for measuring tea leaves to ensure preciseness in the tea brewing process. These scoops are commonly made from bamboo, metal, bone, and even valuable antiques. They are usually recommended for tea drinking beginners to assist in measuring and handling the tea leaves.

Tea Tongs

Also known as tea chopsticks, tea tongs ensure good hygiene during tea preparation. This tool is generally inexpensive and serves a great purpose in handling loose leaves and picking up any strays in your preparation area. Occasionally, these tongs are also used to pick up teacups.


The gaiwan is a cup with a lid and a saucer used for making, drinking, and serving teas. They can even be used in place of teapots. They do not alter the taste of the tea while steeping. With a volume of 100-150 ml, gaiwans are small and can be made of glass, zisha, or ceramic. In Mandarin, “Gai” means “Lid” and “Wan” means “Bowl.” The bowl provides ample room for the tea to unfurl and dance in the hot water, and it allows for multiple steeping. While gaiwans are not only suitable for gongfu- style teas, they are also good for your daily tea drinking.

Fair Cup

Fairness cups, also referred to as pitchers, are used to pour tea from its brewing source directly into individual teacups. They are needed to ensure that all members of a tea ceremony receive the same amount of the same concentration of tea.

Tea Cup

The tea cup is a necessity in any type of tea ceremony. These small cups are designed to hold liquid for drinking, specifically for drinking tea. They allow for multiple people to receive the same amount of tea, and their small size assists in tea enjoyment.

Tea Tray

In traditional gong fu cha, there is a bit of excess water involved which is used to rinse and warm teaware. Because of this, tea trays are a must. These trays work as a drainage system as they remove the excess water from the area on which tea will be brewed. Additionally, they are used to protect the surface underneath them from water damage.

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