Mission: To improve your health and state of mind through the wonders of tea.

Mission: To improve our customers’ health and state of mind through the wonders of Chinese tea.

In 2018, Hence Tea founder, Jack Jiao, started a Southern California-based meetup group for tea enthusiasts. At the request of the community members, he sourced both traditional and unique Chinese teas from independent tea farmers in China for them to try. Surprised upon realizing that many people were unaware of the distinctive flavors and the numerous benefits provided by Chinese teas, he sought to reintroduce it, along with Chinese tea culture, to everyone. From this vision, Hence Tea was born.

Here at Hence Tea, above all else we are committed to quality and source our teas in small batches from Chinese farmers with years of tea cultivation experience. If we do not currently stock the teas you are looking for, please contact us. We will be sure to keep you in mind as we work to expand our selection of quality Chinese teas.