Program 3

A Tea Connoisseur's Journey: Exploring China's Renowned Tea Regions

This tour promises not just a vacation, but a full immersion into the world of Chinese tea, offering insights and experiences that are both enriching and unforgettable. Perfect for those looking to deepen their understanding of tea, embrace new cultures, and indulge in the scenic beauty of China's tea regions.

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Day 1

April 16, 2025

  • Welcome to Fuding, the revered birthplace of white tea!
  • Enjoy a seamless pick-up from the rail station or airport, followed by hotel check-in.
  • Relax, dine on local Fuding cuisine, and meet fellow travelers in your 3-star or equivalent accommodations.

Day 2

April 17, 2025

  • Hike the scenic white tea mountains.
  • Engage in hands-on learning with white tea picking and processing.
  • Savor a tea-tasting session to recognize various white tea flavors.

Day 3

April 18, 2025

  • Visit the stunning Taimu Mountain scenic area.
  • Participate in a traditional Fujian Gongfu Tea Ceremony and tea meditation session.

Day 4

April 19, 2025

  • Travel to the majestic Wuyishan, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Settle into your hotel and enjoy the delightful local cuisine.
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Day 5

April 20, 2025

  • Explore Wuyishan National Park and discover the legendary ancient tea trees.
  • Experience the “Impression Dahongpao” live show, a cultural spectacle.
  • Dive deeper into Wuyi tea ceremonies and culture.
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Day 6

April 21, 2025

  • Learn the art of picking and processing Wuyi rock oolong tea.
  • Continue your exploration of tea culture by engaging in further tastings designed to help you learn about and recognize different varieties of rock oolongs.

Day 7

April 22, 2025

  • Transition to the historic city of Chaozhou, known for its profound tea culture.
  • Relax in your accommodations and enjoy authentic Chaozhou cuisine.

Day 8

April 23, 2025

  • Tour the ancient town and engage with Chaozhou’s rich history and traditions.
  • Visit a local Gongfu tea house for an immersive tea ceremony.

Day 9

April 24, 2025

  • Hike through the breathtaking landscapes of Phoenix Mountain.
  • Delve into the nuances of different varieties of Dancong oolong tea through specialized tasting sessions.

Day 10

April 25, 2025

  • Continue your hands-on learning with Dancong tea picking and processing.
  • Further refine your palate with additional tea tastings.

Day 11

April 26, 2025

  • Conclude your journey with a transfer to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, or Shanghai for your return flight.

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