Phoenix Dan Cong – Snowflake

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Phoenix Dan Cong – Snowflake is a rare and exquisite variety of Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong, meticulously cultivated on the misty slopes of Phoenix Mountain in Guangdong Province. This premium tea, harvested exclusively during the winter, captures the essence of the season’s first snow. The Snowflake tea, which undergoes frost before picking, represents the season’s smallest yield but is renowned for its most intense and enduring fragrance among the year-round teas.

Our Snowflake tea is celebrated for its delicate processing method, which ensures the preservation of its unique flavors and aromas. The dried leaves are carefully crafted to echo the intricate and delicate patterns of snowflakes, symbolizing the purity and elegance of winter’s touch.

Upon brewing, Snowflake unfolds a crystal-clear liquor that captivates with its complex bouquet. It offers a refreshing, crisp taste layered with floral undertones and a subtle, cooling sweetness reminiscent of snow-covered landscapes. The experience is akin to a serene walk through a winter wonderland, with each sip uncovering new sensory delights.

Origin: Phoenix Mountain, Guangdong, China

Brewing Tips:

  • 203°F ~ 212°F (95°C ~ 100°C)
  • For an optimal experience, it is recommended to brew Phoenix Dan Cong – Snowflake in a porcelain Gaiwan or Zisha pot, allowing its delicate aromas and flavors to fully emerge.


Cultivated in Wudongshan (Wu Dong Mountain), amidst the high altitudes and fertile soil of the Phoenix range, our Snowflake variety benefits from the profound legacy of ancient tea trees. These venerable trees, growing on rocky terrain, contribute to the tea’s subtle mineral essence, reminiscent of the esteemed Wuyi rock oolongs.

The name “Snowflake” reflects the tea’s ability to encapsulate the serene beauty and purity of snowfall, offering a tranquil and invigorating tea-drinking experience. With its oxidation level carefully balanced between green and black teas, Snowflake harmonizes the freshness of green teas with the depth of black teas, resulting in a captivating aftertaste that lingers like the memory of a peaceful snowfall.

Phoenix Dan Cong – Snowflake is more than just a tea; it is a celebration of nature’s delicate balance, inviting connoisseurs to savor the tranquil harmony of winter’s essence captured in every cup.



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