How to Pair Tea With Food

Who doesn’t love to drink tea? Tea is one of those beverages that go well with almost anything if you know how to pair it with your food. In fact, tea is the most popular beverage after water, which means it is of crucial importance in our lives. Drinking tea is not just a food experience, but it is also an emotional journey. No matter the weather, time, or even country, drinking tea is a universal feeling.

Historically, the different types of tea actually evolved to complement various cuisines around the world. Drinking tea with food not only helps to improve the quality and taste of your food but even enhances the taste of the tea. The perfect combination helps accentuate the taste of both these items simultaneously and brings maximum flavor to your palate. Tea can be paired with sweet chocolates and even with the spiciest of foods.

But, knowing which combinations work well is not an exact science. In fact, it depends very much on each individual, their taste preferences, and their palates. The most common pairings are during traditional tea time in the afternoon- tea with snacks like scones and finger foods. 

Some ideal pairings with the following types of tea are: 

  1. Black tea- Because of their strong taste, black teas should be paired with foods like beef, lamb, lasagnas, and pasta. They are also well paired with Indian sweet dishes because they help to cleanse the “thick” feeling in the mouth after eating something sweet, thereby increasing the taste. 
  2. Green tea- Green teas have a mild, earth-like flavor and should be paired with light foods. They go well with salads, chicken, vegetables, fruits, and unsweetened pastries
  3. White tea- White teas are one of the lightest teas, and it is should be had on their own, or with a relatively tasteless food combination like plain vegetables
  4. Herbal tea- This type of tea is known for its benefits to the digestive system and can be drunk after a heavy meal. They can be paired with oily or greasy foods like noodles, pizza, or chicken because of their neutralizing properties

While these are recommendations for you to enjoy, you really cannot go wrong with your tea pairing. Feel free to try all of these, and choose whatever works best for you, and your tastebuds!

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