Tea Meditation

Drinking tea has been a ritual of peacefulness and calm for cultures across the world for centuries. Tea helps you connect with your thoughts, have a moment of silence to yourself, and bring positivity to your day. 

While many of us know about the physical effects of tea like lowering antioxidants, weight loss, and blood circulation, it also has life-changing emotional and spiritual effects. You can begin this process by starting tea meditation with your daily cup of tea and be mindful and mentally present throughout. By choosing to drink tea, you have already taken the first step towards achieving simplicity.

Process of tea meditation: 

The basic steps are your normal routine of making tea, but you add an extra layer of mindfulness and intention with every step.

  1. Type of tea: Choose a type of tea that you enjoy drinking, so that you can make the most of your experience. The act of tea meditation is focused on the experience rather than the specific type of tea you are sipping.
  2. As the water is boiling, begin to take deep breaths. Be alert of the sound of the water, and hear it heat up. Find calm in the slowness of this process, and give way to your thoughts. 
  3. When pouring the water into your cup, notice the color change of the water because of the tea. Carefully observe it become darker, and find intention in your actions.
  4. After you finish making your tea, savor each sip. Hold the cup close to your nose and breathe the aroma deeply. Let the flavors of the tea sit for a while and then enjoy the journey it takes.
  5. As you finish your meditation, express gratitude to yourself, the flavors of the tea, and for the moment of silence you just had.

There are many benefits of tea meditation, some of them being

  • Lower levels of stress and tension
  • Higher focus throughout the day
  • Health, emotional and mental benefits 

Try to do this at least once a day, and pick a quiet place to savor every sip. Let go of the distractions around you, and dedicate yourself to the tea.

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