How Much Tea Should I Drink Each Day?

Drinking tea is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body- physically, mentally, and spiritually. The entire experience of drinking tea is so therapeutic that just by taking a few sips, you are eliminating the toxins and repairing cells in your body. However, is there something like drinking too much tea?

Most of us might have come across this thought after having our 7th or 10th cup of tea of the day. While there are numerous benefits to tea, there is also a limit to how much tea you are supposed to be drinking. The average person should consume a maximum of 4-6 cups a day. However, this does vary for each individual, and for each tea. The quality of tea also plays a huge role. For example, studies by the ‘Tea Guardian’ say that the negative effects of tea are tied with using instant tea mixes or low-quality leaves, both of which contain high levels of fluorides: a mineral dangerous in large amounts. Additionally, caffeinated tea also poses an issue.

Some negative effects of drinking too much tea include:

  • Increased anxiety and restlessness (this only applies to caffeinated teas)
  • Poor sleep
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness 
  • Headache

Don’t be afraid to drink your tea because of these side effects! This only applies if you drink too much tea that is not of good quality. It is also important to remember that tea is only a supplement to your hydration levels. Water cannot be substituted for tea. 

The ideal solution is to have a balance in the type of tea you drink, just like you balance your diet every day. Prepare lighter, herbal teas for most of your drinks, but mix it up with 1-2 cups of stronger teas (black tea).

Some exact amounts for teas are as follows: 

  • Black tea: 4-6 cups
  • White tea: 4 cups
  • Green tea: 6-7 cups
    • To experience the weight-loss effects of green tea, a minimum of 4-5 cups is suggested, and it is essential to supplement this with exercise. 
  • Oolong tea: 10 cups  
  • Herbal teas: 5-10 cups

As these numbers show, herbal teas can be consumed in a much greater amount because they are not made directly from the tea plant, but rather are an infusion of spices, herbs, or flowers. They contain less caffeine. Make sure that you have your last cup of caffeinated tea before 5 pm. After this time, herbal teas are perfectly healthy to drink as they do not interfere with your sleep patterns.

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