10 Interesting Facts About Tea Consumption

What kind of tea is consumed?

1. 75 – 80% of tea consumed in America is iced.

2. 84% of all tea consumed was black tea, 15% was green Tea, and the small remaining amount was oolong, white and dark tea.

Who consumes the most tea?

3. The three global leaders in annual tea consumption per person are Turkey (6.96 pounds/person), Ireland (4.83 pounds/person), and the United Kingdom (4.28 pounds/person).

4. China leads the world in tea consumption per country at 1.6 billion pounds per year.

Who produces the most tea?

5. The three global leaders in tea production are China (2,400,000 tons), India (900,000 tons), and Kenya (305,000 tons).

6. Tea is produced by more than 60 countries worldwide.

Where does tea rank in beverage consumption?

7. Worldwide tea is the number 1 most consumed beverage in the world, only water is consumed more than tea.

8. Nearly 100 billion more kilograms of tea is consumed, and the next highest beverage is coffee.

How often is tea consumed?

9. In the United States more than 30% of tea drinkers consume more than 4 cups of tea per day.

10. In Turkey, the country with the highest consumption of tea per capita, the average Turk drinks 1,300 cups of tea each year.

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