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Biluochun (2023 New Spring Tea – Pre Qinming)

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Biluochun, meaning “green snail spring,” is among one of the many famous teas originally grown in China. This green tea is known for its tightly spiraled leaves and floral aroma. The white hairs on the leaves of our Biluochun indicate a higher level of polyphenols, amino acids, and other nutrients, so the more hairs present on the tea leaves the better! These hairs appear more abundantly on Biluochun grown in the Dongting Mountain region, as ours does. 

Our Biluochun green tea is picked in early spring(pre-Qingming) which assists in its fruity flavor. Also, the vitamin C present in the tea’s leaves promotes good blood circulation!

Overall, this tea has a fresh, sweet, and mellow taste that leaves a strong, pleasant aftertaste. The lively aroma enhances the tea tasting experience and leaves the drinker feeling relaxed and at peace.

Origin: Dongting mountain region, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China 

Brewing Tips:

  • 158°F ~ 176°F (70°C ~ 80°C)
  • It is recommended to brew Biluochun tea in a glass, or porcelain pot
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Biluochun tea was originally grown in the Dongting Mountain region of Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. Its name literally translates to “green snail spring” as its appearance resembles that of a snail. The tightly spiraled leaves represent the body of a snail.

During the Qing Dynasty, the tea’s very rich aroma led to the locals referring to the smell as the “scary fragrance.” However, in the 38th year of the Kangxi Emperor’s rule, he decided that the tea deserved a more elegant name and renamed it “green snail spring” or “biluochun.”


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    A fruity blend of peach and pear from the dry leaf melds into buttered greens, white cheddar crackers, and a sugary, floral aroma when met with water. It’s a relaxing, no-sharp-edges kind of green.

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    Great taste

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