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Shoumei is a famous white tea from Fuding, China. The plucking season of Shoumei often begins in mid-April, later than other white teas, which gives this white tea more time to acquire nutrients. The picking standard is one bud with three to five leaves.

Our Shoumei dry leaves are usually brown and look like withered fallen leaves. When brewed, the liquor is orange or dark yellow.

This tea tastes mellow with a thick and smooth mouthfeel and a fresh aroma. It is a great choice after heavy meals or on a hot day.

Origin: Fuding, Fujian Province, China

Brewing Tips:

  • 176°F ~ 185°F (80°C ~ 85°C) 
  • It is recommended to brew Shoumei in a Gaiwan, glass, or porcelain pot


“Shou” means “Longevity,” and “Mei” means “Eyebrow.” The name Shoumei refers to the shape of its tea leaves which look like the eyebrows of a man who has lived a long life.

Shoumei can be picked from spring to autumn. After picking, the leaves and stem wither for several days to lessen the grassy scent and slightly ferment. Then, they are directly roasted into rough tea. Since Shoumei is minimally processed, the most significant feature of this white tea is that it retains its natural character.


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    Very light! Refreshing in the summer!

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  3. Avatar

    Great tea! So far my favorite hence tea. Great to have a place in the us to get this classic white style. Even my dad who normally doesn’t drink gong fu tea enjoyed it also!

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