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Yunnan Gold Tip


Weight: 1.7 oz

Yunnan Gold Tip is the superior variety to other Yunnan black teas. The plucking season usually takes place from March to November.

Our Yunnan Gold Tip dry leaves are easy to identify because of their golden downy appearance. When brewed, the liquor is reddish-gold in color.

This black tea is famous for its spicy and creamy taste with a hint of cocoa and pleasant black pepper flavor. As it cools, the taste becomes earthier and more complex without astringency.

Origin: Pu’er City, Yunnan Province, China

Brewing Tips:

  • 212°F (100°C) 
  • It is recommended to brew Yunnan Gold Tip in a porcelain pot, Gaiwan, or Zisha pot.


Yunnan Province is one of the most important tea producing regions in China. Located in Southwest China, Yunnan borders Vietnam, Laos, and Burma. Thanks to the abundant rainfall, mild climate, and fertile land, Yunnan is an ideal area for tea cultivation. Tea exportation from Yunnan began over 200 years ago.

DianHong usually refers to all black teas produced in Yunnan Province. “Dian” is the abbreviated name for Yunnan, and “Hong” means black tea. The main difference among different Dianhong teas is the number of golden tips they possess.


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    Tom L

    This is a very nice everyday black tea. It has strong unique flavor, but no bitterness. The taste ends with very a bit of sweetness.

    August 25, 2021


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