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Tieguanyin (Iron Goddess of Mercy) is the best oolong tea in China and is among its top ten most famous teas. There are harvests in all four seasons, but our Tieguanyin comes from the spring and autumn harvests when the best quality teas are produced. Only leaves, no buds, are picked to make this oolong tea.

Our Tieguanyin dry leaves are a dark green color and tightly rolled. When brewing, the leaves become soft but still retain their bright “satin surface.” The liquor color ranges from light gold to jade green.

This modern style Tieguanyin tastes sweet and mellow with a fresh aftertaste. The orchid aroma lasts for some time after multiple infusions.

Origin: Anxi, Fujian Province, China

Brewing Tips:

  • 194°F ~ 212°F (90°C ~ 100°C) 
  • It is recommended to brew Tieguanyin in a porcelain pot, Gaiwan, or Zisha


The name of Tieguanyin comes from a Chinese legend relating to its origin, Anxi, China. One rendition says that during the Qing Dynasty, a poor farmer named Weiyin found a deserted temple with a statue of Guanyin, the Bodhisattva of compassion and mercy. He cleaned the temple and every day provided a cup of tea for Guanyin. One day, Guanyin appeared in his dream and told him where he could find his reward. Weiyin then found a beautiful tea plant which later brought him fortune. He named the tea “Tieguanyin.”

There are two types of Tieguanyin, modern and traditional. The modern style has a bright yellow color with floral and creamy notes, while the traditional style is heavier with roasted and fruity notes.


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  1. Smell and Taste really well, will buy again!

  2. Best tieguanyin I can find in the area, will buy again!

  3. I really love tieguanyins, they just really calm and center me while I work or am stressed. The aroma of this tea was creamy, bright, and sweet. It also held a slight minerality note that I associate with tie guan yins. After a few infusions, I noticed the aroma turn sweeter with an almost syrupy feel to it, finishing up with some floral, orchid notes. The color of the brewed tea was a pale, yellow-like color, at times looking slightly tinged green as well. I did notice that the leaves did not seem as tightly rolled up but were a nice dark green color. This just really was a nice, crisp tieguanyin. I also appreciate the companies sourcing transparency, it is one thing I look for in tea companies.

  4. I love how strong Oolong teas are and Tieguangyin is one of the popular Oolong tea I liked. The shipping was super fast and come with a nice package, I will like to come back and get more of your teas.

  5. I drink this tieguanyin oolong everyday after lunch, which helps me digest the meal. Also, the smell of this oolong is so good…

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