Jasmine Green Tea

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We use fresh Jasmine blossoms to infuse green tea leaves with a distinct yet calm flavor. Jasmine flowers scattered throughout the tea provide visual pleasure.

The heady aroma of jasmine flowers is evident while brewing. The flavor of this tea is sweet, smooth, and clean.

Origin: Green Tea from Anhui, China; Jasmine Flowers from Guangxi, China

Brewing Tips:

  • 158°F ~ 176°F (70°C ~ 80°C)
  • It is recommended to brew Jasmine Green in a Gaiwan, glass, or porcelain pot

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The harvested jasmine flowers infuse the tea leaves with an intoxicating perfume. Jasmine flower buds are intentionally left in the blend to leave an eye-pleasing feature.

Already 1,000 years ago in the Song dynasty there existed a method for blending the seductive perfume of jasmine into supreme green tea. Jasmine Tea was commercialized mainly in China during the Ming Dynasty, during which time there was a widespread trend of scenting tea with flowers.

Chinese people love jasmine so much that there is a famous folk song about it. The melody was adopted by Puccini in his opera Turandot, which is set in China.



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