Hence Tea Tray No. 1


This tea tray is made of fine quality bamboo.

In traditional Gongfu cha, a bit of excess water is used to rinse and warm the teaware. Because of this, a tea tray is a must. The tea tray works as a drainage system for the area on which the tea is brewed and collects it in a pan under the grate. 

Additionally, a tea tray protects the table surfaces from water damage.

Capacity: 47 fl oz

Material: Bamboo

Color: Walnut Dark Brown

Dimension: 11.6(L) x 7.6(W) x 2.3(H) inch

Origin: China

Tips for Use:

  • For first-time use, cleanse with warm water
  • Do not put in a dishwasher; simply rinse carefully 
  • Clean and dry after each use 

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The grate of the tea tray allows excess and waste liquids to drain, and either collected in a pan under the grate or drained through a hose that carries the waste water and tea to a bucket or other drain.

In Gongfu-style brewing, the cups, pots, and other serving items are repeatedly rinsed in hot water and tea to ensure that proper temperatures are maintained and that the vessels are sanitary, without diluting the tea. When making tea this way, a pot of tea will be brewed in 4 to 10 rounds. Because Gongfu is a wet process, the tea-draining tray is necessary to keep the process tidy and elegant.



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