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Introducing our delightful Yixing Zisha Clay Teapot Tea Pet—a charming companion for your tea ceremonies! Crafted from unglazed and porous clay, this tea pet not only adds character but also evolves with every tea pour. 

As it absorbs the tea’s essence over time, watch in awe as it transforms, revealing a deep, rich hue and unique surface patterns.

With its petite size, this tea pet is not only adorable but also incredibly portable and easy to care for. 

But there’s more to it than just cuteness! Tea pets are believed to bring good luck to tea drinkers. Specifically, the Zisha Teapot tea pet represents health and wellness, simplicity, and connection to nature, making it a cherished addition to your tea rituals. 

Elevate your tea experience with a touch of tradition and a dash of charm—bring home your loyal tea companion today!


Zisha Clay

For daily use, drench the tea pet with hot water or discarded tea.

Do not put this Zisha Tea Pet in a dishwasher; do not use detergent.

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Tea Pet

Tea pets, also known as “tea lover’s pets” and “tea friends,” are small clay figures that tea drinkers use during tea ceremonies and often for decor as a sign of good luck. Originating in Jiangsu Province, China, tea pets are most often made of Yixing clay and are unglazed giving them the same feel as a Zisha teapot or teacup.

Using Tea Pet

Typically, tea pets are placed on tea trays and have tea poured over them during tea ceremonies. Tea pets come in many different figures including mythical creatures and people.

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