The Six Gentlemen Set, No.2

The Six Gentlemen | Bamboo


Tea Tools Caddy: This caddy is for holding the tea tools, one of the Six Gentlemen.

Teaspoon: The teaspoon is for measuring the tea and removing loose tea from the tea container.

Tea Funnel: The tea funnel is placed on the opening of the small teapot to help prevent the leaves from scattering and to keep the table clean.

Tea Stirrer: The Tea Stirrer helps transfer the tea leaves from the teaspoon to the teapot.

Tea Tweezer: The Tea Tweezer holds the tea cup while washing and pre-heating it. The Tea Tweezer can prevent finger burns as well as limit contamination.

Tea Needle: The Tea Needle is used to unclog blockages caused by tea leaves that can get caught in the teapot’s outlet and filter holes after successive infusions.



For first-time use, rinse with warm water.

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Do not put in dishwasher; simply rinse carefully. 

Clean and dry after each use.

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The Six Gentlemen

Discover the essence of Chinese tea culture with the Six Gentlemen, a part of traditional Chinese teaware. This tea tool set enhances the ease of tea preparation and elevates your tea-making skills for a superior tea experience.

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