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Gaiwan, Hence No. 1


This Gaiwan is made of Mutton Fat Jade porcelain, the highest-grade Chinese white porcelain from Dehua, Fujian. The purity of kaolin clay in Dehua is ideal for quality porcelain production and gives the porcelain its bright, milky white luster. When exposed to sunlight, the porcelain looks like jade.

This Gaiwan is suited for all kinds of tea. In Mandarin, “Gai” means “Lid” and “Wan” means “Bowl.” The bowl provides ample room for the tea to unfurl and dance in the hot water, and it allows for multiple steeping. 

Capacity: 5.4 fl oz

Material: Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain

Origin: Dehua, Fujian, China

Tips For Use:

  • For first time use, use warm water to cleanse
  • For daily use, pour hot water into the Gaiwan to warm and cleanse it before adding tea leaves
  • Dishwasher is not recommended; Simply rinse carefully

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A Gaiwan is a graceful vessel with a lid, a saucer, and a cup. Traditionally, Gaiwan is also called “San Cai Wan” (Three Talent Bowl) or “San Cai Bei” (Three Talent Cup). In Chinese philosophy, Gaiwan also represents the ultimate harmony of human beings and nature. The saucer is the earth, the lid is the sky, and the cup represents the people who stand in between them. Drinking tea with a Gaiwan can help you test the quality of tea and is good for multiple steepings. 

Traditionally, the flared edge of a Gaiwan is held with the thumb and middle finger, using the index finger to steady the lid. To avoid burning the hands, it is recommended to spread the fingers against the bottom of the saucer and hold the lid with the thumb. Beginners can also use two hands to keep the Gaiwan stable.


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  1. The product itself is so exquisite that I do not want to take a single star off. However, must state with great sadness that stamping with thick black ink a company name on the outside bottom of such a fine mutton fat porcelain item, as is customary with basic ceramics from discount stores, is an astonishingly insensitive insult, in my eyes at least. Perhaps it could be reconsidered and corrected in the future.

  2. This Gaiwan works very well for me. Love it so much!

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Gaiwan, Hence No. 1 Gaiwan, Hence No. 1
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