Double Wall Glass Cup, Hence No. 2


This glass cup is same as our Glass Cup No.1, except the capacity. 

This tea cup is also made of double walled glass. 

This glass cup is sure to enhance your tea-drinking experience. Glass is best suited to green tea, blooming tea and flower tea, but it can be used for other kinds of tea as well. The glass cup is perfect for watching tea leaves unfurl and for observing the color of the tea. 

Capacity: 11.8 fl oz

Material: Glass

Origin: China

Tips For Use:

  • For first time use, cleanse with warm water
  • Dishwasher is not recommended; Simply rinse carefully

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The glass design maintains the natural taste of the tea and allows for rich flavor components to flow through. Also, glass teaware cools water down more quickly than other teawares. It is suitable for enjoying the visual beauty of the tea leaves, especially Blooming Tea. 



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