Hence Gong Dao Bei (Fairness Cup) – Glass No.2

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Our exquisite Gong Dao Bei No. 2 is the perfect embodiment of elegance and functionality in the world of tea accessories. Crafted with precision, this Fairness Cup is delicately made from high-quality textured glass, adding a touch of sophistication to your tea-serving ritual.

Much like its counterpart, our Gong Dao Bei No. 2 is a vital tool for achieving tea perfection. As a simple yet essential pitcher, it gracefully accepts the strained elixir from your teapot or Gaiwan. The transparency of the glass allows you to keenly observe the colors of your tea, ensuring that every infusion is a visual treat.

7.0 fl oz


For first time use, cleanse with warm water.

Dishwasher is not recommended; Simply rinse carefully.

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Gong Dao Bei

Gong Dao Bei is also called Cha Hai, which means the ocean of tea.  

Gong Dao Bei is a must in the Gongfu Cha ceremony. On a tea table, it is the only tool connecting the host and guests and the host uses the pitcher to show good manners. An old Chinese saying has it that “a full cup of liquor shows respect for your guest, but a full cup of tea intimates your guest,” so the host typically uses the Gong Dao Bei to fill the teacup up to just 70%. When pouring, it is polite to hold the Gong Dao Bei lower and closer to guests’ teacups.

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