Prominence of Green Tea

A question the avid tea drinkers of America seem to ask themselves is the rising prevalence of green tea in the common marketplace. Why is green tea the most popular tea in recent times? 

Traditionally, America is a nation of black tea drinkers, but they are now moving to drink green tea for its health benefits and rich and diverse flavor. A recent study by the Tea Council of America stated that 86% of Americans drink green tea, compared to 59% who drink black, white, and oolong teas combined. However, the main choice of tea still remains black tea with 80-85% of the total tea consumption. Only 15% of the actual tea consumed is green tea.

However, the recent increase is because Americans associate green tea with more health benefits than black, white, or oolong teas. They turn to green tea when they feel sick or stressed. Green tea has been used as a medicine for many centuries because of its low caffeine levels and antioxidant properties. Green tea is particularly high in catechin polyphenols, in particular epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is studied to be around 100 times more effective than Vitamin C and over 25 times more effective than Vitamin E in preventing illnesses. The ability of green tea to lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease, and cancer leads to most Americans having a preference for it.

We most commonly associate green tea with weight loss properties, and this also comes from the mineral EGCG. EGCG is known to burn fat, reduce appetite, and speed up the metabolic rate. While other types of tea like black tea also contain small amounts of EGCG, there is less prevalent research on this. 

Also, because of the many different varieties of green tea, people are looking to explore more diverse beverage choices. Manufacturers are also adding various flavors to green tea like lemon, orange, or chamomile to soften the flavor of green tea. Green tea has a very unique and sharp flavor which most people seem to like.

The health benefits and antioxidant properties combined with the strong and prominent taste are the main cause of green tea being such a popular beverage.

*Although we try our best to cite information from reputable sources, we strongly advise you to fact check the information you read in our blog posts to ensure that there are no components that you have known allergies/adverse reactions to. This blog is not a doctor prescription.

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